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Dances with Cranes

We dance with the sandhill cranes at the Ladd S. Gordon Waterfowl Complex

sandhill crane flying overhead

It was an unseasonably warm January afternoon when we headed to the Ladd S. Gordon Waterfowl Complex to witness the annual migration of thousands of statuesque sandhill cranes.
Steeped in the art of the crane-style Shaolin technique, Lily Flower was quickly accepted by the flock as one of its own and soon attracted the attention of a persistently amorous male. Could she escape the clutches of this bird-brained paramour?
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Charting a Course for the Middle Place

We boldly go where (almost) no man has gone before

Lily Flower Asesina at the Zuni Pueblo

Once Lily Flower finally got leave from her top-secret posting at Area 51, we decided to make an impromptu, poorly planned road trip to the Zuni reservation. We had read about a 2-day-long event that takes place before Valentine's Day each year and wanted to see the dance ceremony. Due to its remoteness, the Zuni Pueblo is an enigma for most people, and only a few non-religious ceremonies like this are even open to outsiders.
But would our thirst for adventure and reckless (or mayhaps "feckless") abandon be rewarded?
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Dharma for two in Kathmandu

Three mind-blowing excursions you can do in a day

Sadhu holy man

Every since I listened to Danish troubadour Kim Larsen wax poetic about Kathmandu in his classic "Middle of the Night" album, I've had an inexplicable urge to make a pilgrimage there and explore its charms.
Whether you're looking for spiritual purification or just want to expand the narrow recesses of your mind, you won't regret a sabattical to Kathmandu! Here's a few activities you absolutely won't want to miss out on while you're there!
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Don't let the bottom feeding fish take your bait

We chart a course to help you navigate the perilous online dating shoals

Casper the catfish

Let's face it, dating for digital nomads and expats is a lot like a fishing expedition in strange, murky waters. You carefully select what you hope is the right lure, toss your line out in the water, and prey that you snag a prize. Only, if you're not careful, instead of a "catch", you end up with a slimy-ass catfish for all your troubles.
Here's a few tips from an old, wily fisherman to help you increase your chances of a successful haul:
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8 countries where expats can enjoy free (or nearly free) health care

Happy patient

Nothing in life is free...
You get what you pay for...
There's no such thing as a free lunch...

We're all familiar with the popular folk wisdom, but the naysayers have got this all wrong when it comes to free public health care – there is such thing as a free lunch and in this article, we tell you exactly where to go to find it!
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Investing in a condo in the Philippines

Happy patient

Thanks to robust GDP growth of nearly 7% a year over the past decade and rampant speculation and condo flipping, the Philippines property market has continued to be expensive compared to other Southeast Asian countries. However, the pandemic has created some isolated buying opportunities as foreign rental property investors found themselves in an acute cash crunch due to the prolonged travel ban.
If you're currently living in the Philippines and are undeterred by the inflated prices, you should be aware of these common pitfalls unwary investors often step into.
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Live in paradise - work as a freelance translator

Everything you need to know to get started


Would you like to work remotely and live anywhere in the world? If you speak a foreign language and own a laptop, you've got every thing you need to get started!
In this article, we give you the ins-and-outs to help you establish your new career.
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Our Quickie Guide to Puerto Galera

Sandy beaches and randy women - what's not to love?


Just a two-hour drive and 15-minute boat ride from Manila, Puerto Galera is a laid-back resort town with beautful white-sand beaches and panoramic scenery. Whether you're attracted to the easygoing beach lifestyle, the water sports or diving, or just prefer pulsating nightlife and amorous encounters with complete strangers, Puerto Galera has got you covered.
Our Quickie Guide gives you just enough information to make you dangerous (all in 500 words or less!)
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How to start a successful business abroad

Tips and advice to help you get started


According to a study by Forbes, around half of all new businesses fail within just five years. Too many expats make the mistake of impulsively investing in a business for the wrong reasons.
We give you some helpful tips and advice so you can ensure that the odds will be stacked in your favor.
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