About Us

Guerro Weissbrod and Lily Flower Asesina

I'm Guerro Weissbrot, and I founded this blog along with my lovely wife, Lily Flower Asesina, to share my experiences as an expat with other people who might be considering a change in latitude.
Like most Americans, I'm proud of my Native American heritage and feel like the Nahullo indian blood, which flows like fine wine through my veins, defines my character. It's why I can talk to the animals, live in harmony with nature, and transform myself into a giddy spirit animal.
I met my wife when she swept up on a beach one balmy September afternoon. Lily grew up in a remote part of the Amazonian rainforest, where she learned to hunt, gather, and blend in with the trees. Captured during a raid by a top-secret military black ops unit, she made a brazen escape by disguising herself as an 8x8 cargo container. Lucky for me, I was busy collecting firewood when she washed up on the shore.
In spite of the fact that we came from entirely different worlds and don't speak the same language (hers is mostly a series of chirps, clicks, and bird calls), we realized we had much in common, like our lifelong struggle with dihydrogen monoxide addiction. Over the years, we've been able to keep our superficial relationship afloat through body language, articulate grunting, and pearls of wisdom from an obscure, ancient religion called the Kama Sutra.
On a slightly more serious note, you'll find helpful advice and tips here on everything from visa requirements to medical care, to starting a business, buying property, or finding adventure and romance abroad. As you can probably guess from the title, I'm an ugly gringo in every sense of the word (and proud of it). I don't sugarcoat things but prefer to shoot straight from the hip to provide you with an honest, no-holds-barred account of all the positives and negatives you're likely to encounter as an expat.
Pleasant reading, and feel free to hit us up with any comments, suggestions, or snide, ornery remarks!
Guerro and Lily Flower